Compost Bin Designs The Urban Compost Tumbler

If we want to learn how to build a compost bin one of the first things we should consider are the many compost bin designs available to us. From compost bins made from pallets, to chicken wire designs, compost tumblers, barrels, wooden compost bins, and more. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a suitable compost bin.

A lot of what constitutes the best composter really comes down to where we will be housing our compost bin and the available space. Add to this the aesthetic preferences that we may have and there is, as you can see, quite a lot of options available to us. What the best compost bin design is is impossible to say really. If you want to build a compost bin for free then it is hard to beat a design based on scrap wood, or any other material that you can obtain for nothing. It has long been my preference to build a compost bin for free, using whatever I have available. However, the tumbling compost bin on Amazon is fast becoming a favorite of mine. They are extremely efficient, and make compost in a very short space of time. Add to this the fact that they don't take up too much room and are very tidy in appearance, they may be ideal for someone who doesn't have ridiculous amounts of organic materials that they want to turn into compost.

The urban compost tumbler is simply a fantastic machine. Urban compost tumblers are incredible at making compost fast. For more information read these compost tumbler reviews and see what the the best composters have to offer.

Compost bin designs, in essence, are fairly straightforward. If we are building them ourselves then the sky is the limit as far as design and apearance are concerned. If you read the posts on this site you should be able to come up with a suitable design, and more will be added on a regular basis. A simple barrel, that can be purchased extremely cheaply, may be sufficient for many gardeners. Simply punching a good number of holes in it to ensure adequate drainage and you have a nice but simple way to dispose of your green waste.

The Best Compost Bin Designs

For me the best compost bin designs will have one thing that overrides all others, and that is ease of use. There is absolutely no point having a compost bin that looks great if it is difficult to use. This may mean that the lid is difficult to get off, the front is too high to easily add your organic waste to it, or it is nigh on impossible to empty once the contents are sufficiently composted.

compost tumblerThese are all things that you should seriously take in to consideration when learning how to build a compost bin. Think about the future and how easy will it be to use? You want to make life easier not more difficult for yourself. Siting it correctly and making it the right size are important factors and should not be overlooked. If you really want a nice simple but extremely efficient composter, and you don't want to make a compost bin yourself then without doubt, at the moment, the Achla CMP-05 Spinning Horizontal Composter on Amazon is my composter of choice. If you are learning how to build a compost bin then my choice for homemade compost bins would definitely be a compost bin design that uses pallets, such as the design we looked at in the post how to build a compost bin.

Whatever design you choose to go with never be afraid to amend any instructions to make it suitable for you. It will be there for quite some time so you want it to work extremely well. Change dimensions to suit what you believe is the best compost bin design.

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